daveWhen Dave first arrived in Canada from his home in Dublin, Ireland he travelled the country and chose Calgary as his home, but in attempting to settle down he realized he was missing one real piece of home. Dave’s biggest connection to home was through the food he grew up with and the comforts that symbolized family and friends. The specific food that he really yearned for was Banoffee pie, a specialty that popped up as an overnight sensation originally in 1972 England when a small cafe was looking for a new and creative way to put together a pie. Since Bannofee pie is a fairly new style and not widely available in Canada Dave decided to figure out how to make it himself. After a few years of burnt fingers, fractured hands, and trips to the hospital Dave figured out exactly how to make the perfect pie.

Once Dave perfected the Bannoffee pie he had loved at home he got creative. First came the Boozie-Berry, based on the original Bannoffee recipe combined with liqueur soaked strawberries and from that point on Dave has become completely engrossed in creating the best and most original combinations inviting feedback, and recommendations. All of Dave’s pies balance rich, playful taste with light texture and beautiful finish. These pies are the perfect choice for the dessert at a special meal, or as a standalone treat at any event.